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De Novo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Announces New Partnering Opportunity in Diabetes
9th April 2007
CAMBRIDGE, England and SANTA ROSA, California - De Novo Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a world leader in computational drug design, has announced that it has completed work on the in silico design of novel inhibitors for 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. This work is available for partnering opportunities.

De Novo is applying SkelGen®, the Company’s proprietary in silico drug design platform, to the design of new compounds for significant targets within the diabetes field. SkelGen is a structure-based drug design technology platform that has been shown to improve the speed and effectiveness of the drug discovery process.

Philip Dean, Chief Scientific Officer at De Novo, commented: "Metabolic disease is an important therapeutic area with many targets that present a major opportunity for De Novo`s technologies. The design of many novel scaffolds for this key diabetes target extends the Company`s capabilities and is our first program in this new therapeutic area."

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De Novo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Announces New Partnering Opportunity in Diabetes
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