De Novo Pharmaceuticals
De Novo Pharmaceuticals announces a Drug Discovery Partnership agreement with Achaogen
10th September 2007
Cambridge,UK - 10th September, 2007- De Novo Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a computationally-based drug discovery company focused on small molecule therapeutics, announced today that it has entered into a drug discovery partnership agreement with Achaogen whereby De Novo will apply its novel molecular structure generating drug discovery platform targeting pathogenic bacteria. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"We are very pleased to be working with Achaogen- a leader in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria," said Philip Dean, Ph.D., CSO at De Novo. “Using SkelGen, we will be designing for Achaogen new chemical classes of inhibitors focused on an important drug-resistant bacterial target", he added.

"We are pleased to be working with De Novo to expand our lead optimization program, and to help us develop cutting-edge therapeutics that will speed us towards our goal of providing therapies to treat unmet clinical needs caused by multi-drug resistant bacterial infections," said Phillip Patten, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Biology at Achaogen.

About De Novo Pharmaceuticals
De Novo Pharmaceuticals is a world leader in the field of computational drug design located in Cambridge UK. Its proprietary algorithm-based platform SkelGen™ is a chemical structure generator that can make the drug discovery process faster, cheaper and more effective, with the benefit that it explores a chemical space of enormous magnitude compared to the size of existing chemical libraries.

The core platform at De Novo is a suite of structure generating programs called SkelGen, which has been comprehensively evaluated and co-developed by Roche. De Novo is currently seeking to establish more drug discovery collaborations with biotech and pharma companies. For more information about De Novo please contact Marc Bencivenga at 707 360 5833 or, or visit

About Achaogen
Achaogen (a-KAY-oh-jen) specializes in the discovery and development of small molecules to treat infections caused by bacteria, and by antibiotic-resistant strains in particular. Achaogen focuses on high value bacterial targets that are validated, but not yet addressed by safe and effective drugs. For more information about Achaogen please contact John Hollway, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at 650-266-1163 or, or visit

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De Novo Pharmaceuticals announces a Drug Discovery Partnership agreement with Achaogen
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